Khandbari Bazar

Khandbari Bazar, Sankhuwa-sava Khandbari Bazar, Sankhuwa-sava 

Khandbari Bazar, district headquarters of Sankhuwasabha. Khandbari Bazar lies in the Arun Valley, which is the world’s smallest valley. Khandbari Bazar is also a very popular tourist and trekking destination.


10 thoughts on “Khandbari Bazar

  1. i like very much ur picture in net plz provide more pic in future and inner place of sankhuwa sabha like Bhrahabeshe bazaar where the local people use to came and colours of baazar u must go hill places of sankhuwa sabha i really like it really really all the pic fantastic okkk go ahead.

  2. hi,cma khandbariki cheli hu khusi lagyo bedesibyastyaley aafno gauko bajare herna pauda pic ramro 6 sadhai picrakhnus la

  3. I am 75 year old ‘piper’. I am seeking village of RIT BAHADUR RAI, 16 year old Gurkha soldier who died in Iraq in 1941. I believe his village is/was called GARIGAON. I hope to pay tribute to this ‘forgotten’ Gurkha by playing my pipes. I do not belong to ANY organisation and am NOT being helped by any religious, political, ex military or ethnic body. Despite the apathy of those who I expected to help, I am arriving in Kathmandu on 3.11.09. My instict tells me I should be looking in the eastern districts of Nepal.

    Bill Jenkins

  4. hello brother !!!!!
    I like ur blog with extreme – photographic looks… try to take n upload such pics on coming future…

    Santosh jung Karki
    Khandbari 1
    Now : Rome ,Italy

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